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GP Race Spanaway Sept 2012 2nd Place Team Hopp Sept 2012

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Unlimited Test Session at Seafair 2012



First Ride in an Unlimited Dreams do come True! July 2012

Top Speed 174 Mph Avg 139 Mph


Part of Driving an Unlimited, Now a ceritified Scuba Driver.  Thank you Mark and  

Underwater Sports July 2012

Finding Sponsors for the U-9 Team March 2012

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On Cover Page -Festival Magazine 2012      

Final 2011 Standings 2.5 Stock  3rd Place Region 10 - 7th Place Nationally
Second Place Heat 1B Unlimited Lights October 2011 

Seafair Test Session August 2011


Top Speed 132.8 MPH  fifth fastest qualifier 105 MPH. 


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Bothell 4th of July Parade July 2011



Spacelabs Pep Rally June 2011




First Front Page Article -Issaquah Reporter June 2011

Hydroplane racer aims to reconnect people to the sport, readies for Tastin' and Racin' event
Issaquah Reporter Staff Writer
Jun 04 2011, 1:17 PM · UPDATED 


Like most people who grow up on Mercer Island, Brent Hall's love of hydro racing began as a boy.

He pulled homemade models behind his bike and turned remote controlled cars into little hydroplane boats on wheels. "I'd make anything into a hydroplane," he said.

Hall, now entering his rookie year as a racer, couldn't be more thrilled for the Tastin' and Racin' event June 11 and 12 at Lake Sammamish State Park.

The Lake Sammamish races are like a Seafair for the smaller, 2.5-liter boats, Hall said.

Ranked first in the area and second in the nation for his class, he's hoping to relight public interest in what many say is a dying sport.

"I see an opportunity," Hall said.

Part of the reason Hall fell in love with the sport was the opportunity to meet the drivers, but they aren't out and about as they once were.

"One of the things hydroplane racing is missing is connections with people," he said. "We should be out in the community."

So Hall has turned his focus to public visits. He plans to be at Spacelabs Healthcare in Issaquah for a small rally at 1:30 p.m. today.

He's also focused on fundraising for nonprofit groups such as Communities in Schools of Seattle.

A young driver, he still has quite a bit to learn.

There are no training courses or practice rounds for hydroplane racing. All of the learning and teaching is done during races.

The most he can do is practice getting out of his boat, or with eyes closed practicing turns in his mind.

While the smaller class of boats aren't as big, they're still fast. He's gotten a 2.5-liter boat up to 88 mph, he said. "When the boat gets fast, it gets really quiet."

At anytime, something dangerous could happen. One time a malfunction in a boat caused an entire sponson to rip off. Luckily he wasn't hurt, and the boat crossed the finish line before getting a tow to shore.

"When you're running the best, you feel totally out of control, because you're floating on a pocket of air," Hall said.

His interest turned to a passion when he rented a boat for a weekend of racing, he said. "I was hooked."

He bought his own boat last year, but this will be the first year he's been able to race his own vehicle, making it his rookie year.

During the day, he works as a call center director at AT&T. He and his wife also run a senior care home out of their Bothell home.

Tastin’ and Racin’

9 a.m.-6 p.m., June 11; 9 a.m.-5 p.m. June 12

Lake Sammamish State Park

2000 N.W. Sammamish Rd., Issaquah

Admission: $5-$10

Brent Hall is a rookie hydroplane driver planning to show his new boat at the Tastin’ and Racin’ event at Lake Sammamish State Park on June 11. The event is like the Seafair race, but in the smaller, 2.5-liter class boats.

Issaquah Reporter Staff Writer Celeste Gracey can be reached at cgracey@issaquah-reporter.com or 425-391-0363.

Classic Thunder June 2011

Brent Racing at Tastin' n Racin'


On the back of Brent’s boat there is a dedication to the loving memory of Bob VandenAkker’s mom Johanna.   “She was a big boat racing fan, plus Bob and I are great friends so it is an honor to have it on my Boat.  Brent and Leigh Henderson from Alexa’s Café surprised Bob with the Tribute.  So far it has been solid season for Brent.  With him in the cockpit he has had a 3rd and a 4th place overall.    Unlimited Driver Kip Brown drove it for the 3rd race and was able to pull out a second place finish.   Brent has been focused on learning and pushing one step at a time.  He recently attended a driving school taught by Chip Hanauer, Dave Williams and Kip Brown.  


As Brent learns the ropes, he has picked up the all important support of two new title sponsors.   Additionally, a huge thanks goes to Brian Hajny.  Much like R/C boat racing, there is always someone who is willing to drop everything and help someone be successful.   From building Brent’s new motor, teaching the mechanics side of racing, sharing his crew and storing the boat, there is no way Brent would have even finished a race without his support.   In closing, make sure to cheer for the bright red boat; the AT&T and Seattle Home Appliance Presents Miss Alexa’s Café 2.5 Stock Hydroplane this June 11th and 12th in Issaquah.  See www.tastinracin.com.  For more updates connect with Brent on facebook at brenthallracing, or at www.brenthallracing.com


United Way Campaign October 2010


Our PNW Vice President General Manager's idea came true.   The opportunity to drive the AT&T hydroplane was one of the top items in our silent auction raising $500.00.  Thank you Eric Kalinka!  We will see him in action next June at Tastin n' Racin!   The proceeds will go to the United Way of Snohomish County! 


Chelan September 2010


With a lot of hard work, and some good luck on our side, we finished all heats and 3rd in the final. Thank you Brian H., S-12 gang, Jesse Robertson for some great driving, and the S-81 Crew. To cap it off, take a look at this amazing press shot from Lake Chelan Online News. Going to sleep good tonight! -B




Visit to our AT&T Wenatchee Store September 2010


Seafair 2010 as a part of the Oh Boy Oberto PR Team


Fourth of July Parade Bothell, Wa 2010

Classic Thunder Article May 2010

05/16/10:   Brent Stylin' at Harmsworth!


Nope it's not a young Mr T., it's our Brent Hall sporting a new mohawk haircut!  The story is that Brent, a Director at AT&T, thought he gave his team of employees what he thought was an unreachable goal.  Appearantly Mr. Director not only underestimated their determination and skill, but baited them with extra incentive as well.  He told them that he would shave a mohawk into his hair if they achieved it.  Frankly, I like it a lot and think the whole club should get them.  Now that's a man who knows how to lead with his head.  Good work Brent!


Facebook Post 5/15/2010

I believe I found a 2.5 liter stock hydroplane to drive at Tastin n' Racin on 6/13. Travis, Jim and Jesse thanks for all of your help. Time to scramble to put a solid program together, and a fundraiser for the kids. Very excited!!!!! -B

Hydro racer raises $11,000 for children

Posted: Jun 13, 2009 12:52 PM PDT Updated: Jun 14, 2009 12:26 PM PDT
Brent Hall achieved a new milestones last weekend driving a 5 litre Hydroplane at Tastin n' Racin.   This is only Brent's second weekend driving, and his first race was at Tastin n' Racin last year. 

Hall started a fundraising campaign around the event with other AT&T employees, and raised over $4,000 for the Friends of the Children in 2008.  This year, he added AT&T as the title sponsor and 14 associate sponsors who all donated to Friends of the Children.  In the 2 years to date he has now raised over $11,000.00 for this great cause.  

"We are so appreciative of the support Brent and AT&T have shown our agency. Our kids love to go to the races and the monetary support helps them to succeed throughout the year with their mentor" stated Edgar Masmela, Interim Executive Director of Friends of the Children. www.friendskc.org

Hall stated, "Everyone needs a mentor, myself included, and I was so impressed with the long term mentoring program that Friends of the Children Organization has created that I had to figure out a way to help." 

Regarding mentors, Brent has the honor of being mentored by National Champion Driver, and recent inductee into the African American Ethnic Sports Hall Fame, Harold Mills.   Brent and Harold definitely have an old school vs. new school relationship.   Brent is a promoter and looks for any way to get people excited about the sport using technology, Facebook, GPS watch, mini onboard cameras and attending networking meetings. Harold, on the other hand, is 100% Driver, and barks at Brent on a regular basis to make sure he gets in his office - "the Cockpit" - in order and has a systematic process for everything regarding the boat and racing.  

Brent's boss Jim Lovvorn, Call Center Director from AT&T, loved watching Harold "busting Brent's chops" after every heat.  Hall said, "I appreciate Harold's style.  Nowadays in life, people get trophies for just showing up, Harold comes from the era that one only gives credit when credit is due.  Plus he is quick to remind Hall that, "You ain't no driver yet!" Harold's frankness lets me know that when compliment comes from him, it's genuine and definitely earned, and I wouldn't have it any other way." 

The question was asked of Mills, why would you throw Brent in with the five litres?  That is a tough place to start.  The field is extremely competitive, and they have been known to swap paint from time to time.   Harold replied confidently, "He is learning more about driving in each heat of five litre racing than he would in multiple heats in some of the less competitive classes." Brent is coachable, and if I didn't think he was capable of being there I wouldn't support the decision. "

Brent's wife Elsa was pretty cool, calm, and collected through all of this.  In between running an adult Family home for seniors in Bothell, Wa, www.tranquilityhomecare.com, she popped by to attend on both days.  "Brent has a lot of fans at our Adult Family Home too.  They all couldn't wait for him to get home to share the results."

At the end of the weekend, Hall completed his last four of eight rookie heats and will be able to mix it up more in races to come.  

ERCU article December 2009

In the Mill with BRENT HALL

. . . Wife Elsa; residents in their Adult Family Home his biggest racing fans:

Herb, Dee, Jinny, Henny and Ed

City he calls home:. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Bothell, Wash.

Job (when not boating): . . . . . . . Director of a call center for AT&T. Adult Family Home Owner,

5-Litre hydroplane driver (well, that’s definitely part-time right now)

College football loyalty:. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Go Dawgs!Woof!

Favorite current unlimited hydro: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Oberto

Favorite unlimited hydro of the past: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1980 Turbine Pay ‘n Pak

Boats he races in ERCU: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sold the Squire Shop, so, hmmm . . . we will see

What was your first car?. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1980 VWRabbit

What was your first job? . . Telemarketing – magazine subscriptions – “For less than the cost

of a McDonalds hamburger per week, you can have six magazines of your choice . . .”

Scary that I still remember the pitch.

When and how did you get involved in scale racing? . . . Pete Schille

and Jon Zimmerman helped me with my first boat. It was a 1/16-

scale 1985 Bubble Bud in the early 1990s. First run out, I blew it

over going down the backstretch. I remember saying that was

too cool! The boat I had before that was a 1980 Pay ‘n Pak MRP

hydro sport which barely got up on plane.

Have you ever had a manicure/pedicure? (come on, manlyman,

admit it):
. . Well, here is a boat guy for you: I once took a

Dremel to my little toe nail because it was rough on top. I

guess that counts.

Coke or Pepsi? . Well, it depends on which one becomes a boat

sponsor again.

Classic Thunder Article June 2009

06/16/09:  Brent's Making a Difference for Kids!


HydroInsider.com recently ran this story about our very own Brent Hall, who for the last few years has been raising money for charity as part of his effort in becoming a limited class hydroplane driver.  We certainly appreciate what he is doing and are proud to see what he is doing.  Brent is a good guy and has shown signs of becoming a good race driver.  Take a look at the story, it's a nice one.  Brent, thanks for being a good ambassador to the sport and to our hobby as well.  

(click to view the story) 




Brent talking about Career Opportunities and Childhood Dreams with a Tech-Savy Group of Students at AT&T Redmond Town Center August 2008


Racing West Article June 2008



Source — Namron Racing
Date Posted — June 12, 2008
| More

The "GEICO of Lakewood Presents The Namron Racing Team" 5-Litre hydroplane sported a couple of new looks at the June 7-8 "Tastin' n Racin'" inboard hydroplane on Lake Sammamish, in Issaquah, Wash. After repairs from a flip in Arizona and damage in Richland, white primer paint covered the boat's distinctive red, white, blue and purple colors on the sponsons and entire canoe section.

The GEICO of Lakewood hull also lost about 125 pounds in the cockpit as she flew over the mile-and-a-quarter course. But it wasn't from any repairs or a special coat of primer paint. Thirty-eight-year-old rookie Brent Hall, from Bothell, Wash., made his hydroplane racing debut driving the GEICO of Lakewood hydroplane at the event in place of the 290-pound owner/driver Bud McKay. And what an impressive debut it was as he grabbed a fourth-place finish in a seven-boat APBA field -- in his very first heat of racing.

Inboard hydroplane legend Harold Mills, turned coach, was on the radio talking Hall around the course. Only thing was, the radio didn't work once Hall left the dock - Hall was on his own on the course.

“I was fine until the canopy shut,” Hall said. “The radio made a couple of quick beeps and then I couldn't hear a word Harold was saying. I remember thinking, ‘Oh well here goes nothing,’ and just tried to stay out of the way on the course.”

Hall was briefed and debriefed by Mills before and after each heat. According to Mills, Hall ran a clean and impressive heat. In fact, Mills said he raced four clean and impressive heats all weekend long. It's not uncommon at all for rookie drivers to be penalized or disqualified on the course with infractions - and those are rookies who have working radios, too.

“All of the classroom education that I gave him paid off,” Mills said with a laugh. “I bent his ear so much that I got tired of listening to myself. To go through a whole two days of driving four heats in a very competitive class, special people coming to watch him drive, and it's a big festival race, too, with no course infractions…what else can you say?”

In the first two heats on Saturday, Hall took things easy and just went out on the course and got the feel of the boat and experience in racing a hydroplane. But Sunday morning, he came to race. In heat one on Sunday, Hall got the “Flying Gecko” flying and dancing on the water, getting the attention of everyone on the shore. Not to mention an excited Mills who was sitting in turn one as a turn judge.

“To be honest my first thought when I saw him get the nose way up in the air was like that of a dad – ‘slow down!’ – I said to myself,” Mills said.”But I realized that he was OK. He brought her back down in reasonable time to show that he was aware of what was happening. I gave him an A-plus in that department because he brought her down without losing any of his forward momentum. Again, the classroom study sessions paid off.”

McKay shook his head in agreement.

“Your human survival instincts tell you to let your foot off the throttle when the boat gets in the air like that,” McKay said. “But if you do that, you’re going to blow the boat over. The smart thing to do is to do exactly what Brent did, but he still made my heart pound pretty good.”

And how did it feel inside the cockpit as Hall aired the boat out?

“The boat became unusually quiet when I was heading down the front stretch on lap three,” Hall said. “I didn't feel as though I was in danger, but I heard from others that the boat caught some pretty good air. I remember thinking, ‘Oh that is what that was?’”

In the final heat on Sunday, Hall just took it easy and tried to enjoy the moment.

“(Driving a hydroplane) was as exciting as I thought it would be,” Hall said. “But I realize now more than ever I have a lot more to learn and will be even more a student of the game so I can continue to improve my driving skills.”

And what skills he demonstrated. Asked to compare Hall’s first time out to his own, Mills said there’s no comparison.

“Open cockpit or closed cockpit Brent did way better than I ever could have imagined myself doing in my first time out,” Mills said, remembering he sank his then 145 class hydro, now the 2.5-Litre Stock, in his first race. “Even my second time out, a year later, there was no sponson walking. My sponson-walking days arrived about three years after my first race. So what does that tell you about Brent?”

And this coming from someone with more than 100 hydroplane wins under his belt who will be inducted into the “Black Ice Hockey And Sports Hall of Fame” in August.

As always, the GEICO of Lakewood Presents The Namron Racing Team likes to put in as many race fans in the cockpit at the races as possible. During Tastin’ n’ Racin’, there were two long breaks each day where fans were able to come into the pits. And thanks to Hall and Mills' work with AT&T Mobility and the "Friends of the Children" (www.friendskc.org) campaign, there was a line of children waiting to get into the GEICO of Lakewood cockpit over the weekend.

Hall said they raised nearly $4,000 -- as of Monday - for the children.

“The kids were the icing on the cake of a dream come true for me in my hydroplane racing debut,” Hall said, an AT&T Mobility manager. “Of course the kids asked the normal questions like how fast does the boat go and was I scared? I think the biggest impression was having them sit in the boat. I was a huge hydro fan at that age and because someone gave me a chance to be around the boats, I have continued that love affair with this sport ever since.”####

See also

ULHRA article 2008 

TranquilityHomeCare.com joins the flying ‘Gecko’ and Namron Racing Team for 2008

BELFAIR, Wash. – TranquilityHomeCare.com is the latest sponsor to join Belfair’s GEICO of Lakewood Presents the Namron Racing Team 8-Cylinder Lighter-Than-LIGHTS racing team. The sponsorship became official after the Unlimited Lights Hydroplane Racing Association’s Spring Training session on Lake Washington Thursday.

Owned by Elsa and Brent Hall, TranquilityHomeCare.com is a new adult family home provider offering luxury and waterfront adult family homes with top quality care for seniors in the Bothell, Bellevue, Seattle and surrounding areas.

“We’re proud to be one of the sponsors for the Namron Racing Team,” Hall said. “I saw Bud McKay in action at the Spring Training session the other day. He is what he said – ‘the biggest, little kid’ in the pits. He talks to the fans like they’re old friends. He was grabbing kids who were just walking by and putting them in the cockpit. He’s a great spokesman for not only his team but for the sport of hydroplane racing.”

Bud McKay, owner/driver of the GEICO of Lakewood Presents the Namron Racing Team, said TranquilityHomeCare.com’s sponsorship allowed his team to make the trip to Firebird Raceway, in Chandler, Ariz., for this weekend’s season opening Unlimited Lights Hydroplane Racing Association hydroplane race.

“TranquilityHomeCare.com made a huge commitment to our team and our program that will give us an opportunity to get every point we can this season in Lighter-Than-LIGHTS racing,” McKay said, the two-time defending series high points champion. “We’ll have the boat out for the residents to see at TranquilityHomeCare.com during the season. This will give the residents a break from watching Brent in the back yard running his radio controlled hydroplanes up and down the Sammamish River. I guess there are two ‘big kids’ in this newly formed partnership.”

TranquilityHomeCare.com joins GEICO of Lakewood, Wash., and McDonough and Sons Inc., as the Namron Racing Team’s primary sponsors for the 2008 season. The GEICO of Lakewood Presents the Namron Racing Team won the 8-Cylinder LTL high points titles in 2006 and 2007.

 First Ride in an Outboard Hydroplane 64 mph on GPS.  What a blast!  July, 14 2006


For sponsorship inquires and details about events/public speaking engagements click:  info@brenthallracing.com