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Relationships mean everything to me.  Here are few comments from some special friends. 

"Brent is a great ambassador for the sport of boat racing. Not only is he a fierce competitor, but he also takes time out to be with fans. Often you can catch Brent showing kids how the race boat works, putting them in the cockpit for a photo op, and signing autographs. As an event organizer that stages Hydroplane races, I appreciate the extras Brent does to add to the fan experience of my event."
Craig Cooke, Tastin n Racin

"We are so appreciative of the support Brent and AT&T have shown our agency. Our kids love to go to the races and the monetary support helps them to succeed throughout the year with their mentor"
Edgar Masmela, Friends of the Children

"I am Brent's mother, am so very proud of my son. I live most of the year in Accra, Ghana, West Africa and could not see his races. I love hydroracing and have watched them from our deck on house in Mercer Island from more than twenty years. Who would have thought that one day my son would be driving hydros. More power to the pedal, Brent. I love you."

"He is learning more about driving in each heat of five liter racing than he would in multiple heats in some of the less competitive classes." Brent is coachable, and if I didn't think he was capable of being there I wouldn't support the decision. "
Harold Mills, National Champion Hydroplane Driver and Mentor

For sponsorship inquires and details about events/public speaking engagements click:  info@brenthallracing.com