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Brent Hall - Driver


I want to introduce more youth to the incredible sport of Hydroplane Racing! - Brent Hall

A day in the life of Brent Hall
Start 4am until....
Love what I do!   Leading a call center and helping my wife change lives at our Adult Family Home.    Excited about life, and racing!  I feel like I have a lot to offer to both.   Plus,  I am a big kid and that will never change!

Favorite Motto:  "Be here and we can work on anything else!"  I haven't missed a scheduled work day in over 16 years, and I love to under promise and over deliver in whatever I do. 

Driving a hydroplane is an abosolute dream come true!    I grew up watching the hydros from our deck, and towed hydros behind my bike as a kid.   I tried to turn every toy vehicle I had into a hydroplane.  I invented something that I bring to public speaking events and races.   Ever heard of land hydros?  You will soon! 



Career Highlights

Big Boats
  • 2012  Grand Prix Hydroplane Race  Spanaway 3rd Place
  • 2012  Unlimited Hydroplane Test Sesson Seafair 
  • 2012  Unlimited Hydroplane Test Session Tri Cities 139 MPH top speed 174 MPH 
  • 2011  3rd place 2.5 Liter Stock Hydro Western Region Season Standings 
  • 2011  7rd place 2.5 Liter Stock Hydro National High Point Standings
  • 2011  2nd place Heat 1B Unlimited Light Hydroplane -Issaquah Salmon Days
  • 2011  5th fastest Qualifier Unlimited Light Hydroplane -Seafair
  • 2011  Helped raise $11,000 for the Joplin Call Center Tornado Relief Fund 
  • 2011  2nd place 2.5 Liter Stock Hydro - Yapachino Memorial
  • 2010  3rd place Team 2.5 Liter Stock Hydro - Lake Chelan 
  • 2010  Purchased 2.5 Liter Stock Hydro
  • 2009  Qualified 5 liter Driver Tastin n' Racin
  • 2009  Raised over $9000 for the Friends of the Children
  • 2008  Placed 5th Tastin n' Racin 5 liter Hydro
  • 2008  Raised over $4000 for the Friends of the Children
  • 2006  Drove C-Stock Outboard Hydroplane 67 mph Capital Lake

R/C Hydroplanes

  • 2005  Rookie of the Year Puget Sound Fast Electrics
  • 2005  2nd Place O-Sport Hydro
  • 2005  6th Place Nationals O-Sport Hydro
  • 2005  2nd Place LSH Hydro
  • 2005  3rd Place P-Sport Hydro
  • 2006  Rookie of the Year Classic Thunder
  • 2006  Sportsman of the Year Classic Thunder
  • 2006  Sportsman of the Year Classic Thunder
  • 2009  3rd Place Division 2 Classic Thunder
  • 2010  3rd place Division 2 Classic Thunder
  • 2010  5th place Division 2 Classic Thunder (Back up boat)
  • 2010  Sportsman of the Year Classic Thunder


For sponsorship inquires and details about events/public speaking engagements click:  info@brenthallracing.com